About Us

At Krupa Corporation, we're committed to reshaping the landscape of building material procurement. Through our advanced B2B commerce platform, we provide SMEs with a streamlined and efficient avenue to access essential materials, ensuring cost-effectiveness and timely delivery. Rooted in innovation and driven by customer satisfaction, we strive to lead the way in revolutionizing the building supply chain. Our diversified divisions include a retail division focused on building digital-first consumer brands, delivering quality building products directly to consumers. Additionally, our Software Solutions Division is dedicated to developing fully integrated SaaS systems for SMEs, startups, and enterprises, streamlining industry processes and driving efficiency. With a vision for backward integration and a focus on the Andhra Pradesh market, we aim to capture significant market share by providing comprehensive solutions tailored to local needs.

Our Vision

Our vision at Krupa Corporation is to redefine the building industry by harnessing the power of technology to simplify and optimize procurement processes. We envision a future where businesses effortlessly acquire the materials they need, fostering enhanced project efficiency and fostering growth. Through our cutting-edge B2B platform and forthcoming technological solutions, we aspire to empower building professionals, enabling them to achieve their objectives with unparalleled ease and confidence. With a strategic focus on Andhra Pradesh, we seek to implement backward integration strategies, ensuring a robust supply chain and solidifying our presence in the region.

In realizing our vision, we aspire to be catalysts for positive change, inspiring others to join us in our journey towards a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable future. Through strategic partnerships, responsible business practices, and a commitment to continuous improvement, we seek to leave a lasting legacy that uplifts communities, preserves the environment, and enhances India's global standing. At Krupa Corporation, our vision is not just a destination; it's a guiding light that illuminates our path towards a brighter tomorrow for all.